Andrássy-Castle, 3000 m² (2008)Andrássy-Castle frontage, detail“Petőfi” Hotel & Theatre, 8000 m² (2007)“Petőfi” Hotel & Theatre frontage, detailRailway Station Füzesabony, 2400 m² (2010)Synagogue Budapest frontage, detail

1“I am an architect, specialized in building surveys and as-built documentations. When-ever the original design drawings or as-built drawings are not available, I carry out the measurement of the physical parameters of the buildings and prepare the as-built design documentation reflecting the current status of the building…”

2“The end product is a survey design documentation, which is a perfect base for starting a project in the existing building, be it a renovation, remodeling, change of function, expansion, leasing, documentation for a deed of fundation, or a demolition, or a document to record the present state of the building for the future.”

3I like challenges; I can cope with complex, large -scale tasks. The buildings are not only objects for me, I also treat them as historical monuments, regardless of their age. I prefer older buildings even if they are more labour-intensive.”